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Console Records is a label currently working with upcoming talent from across the United States in an effort to provide a platform through which its artists will gain exposure, recognition, and increasingly larger and better-paying bookings, all while developing and improving their skills in-house. Based out of Richmond, VA, our roster consists of an amazing group of artists that spans across Virginia & DC and is spreading to include talent from across the country, including NYC, Tampa, Denver, SF Bay, and more. Our purpose is much like that of a collective – we encourage support amongst and collaborations between our artists, and as opposed to hoarding talent, we seek to act as a springboard that will launch them on to landing bigger deals. While Console Records curates a multi-genre catalog and celebrates all types of dance music as opposed to limiting itself to a certain sound, it distinguishes itself both through this championing of multi-genre music and by sticking to a stringent quality for its releases that cuts through all the noise to deliver audiences work from the upcomers and stars of tomorrow.





Executive Members:

Justin Mallaney | Co-founder/Owner & CEO

Brian Loeper | President, Asst. Director of A&R

Andrew Iacaruso | Director of A&R

Maxwell Stone | Co-Founder & VP

Ian Knepper | Co-Founder & VP

Nick Nunez | Production Manager